Sunday, February 6, 2011


Goodness me, it's been far too long since my last post. Please forgive me.
I've been keeping fairly busy, but I'd really like to be posting more, taking more photos, and doing more crafty things, apart from my sewing.

It was my 22nd birthday yesterday and overall it was a pretty nice day. For the first time, I think ever, it was beautiful outside! 40F for a February day is pretty insane for little ol' Manitoba, and I couldn't have been happier about it...for the most part anyways.

As per usual, I wanted to decorate for my birthday. Nothing too elaborate, just a few little paper crafts and some re-use of last years ideas. I cut out and strung some paper bunting along the arch between our living and dining room as well as above the big window, in front of the TV stand, and on these caribou antlers of my Dad's (which I generally dislike). It gave the room a bit of fun color, which made me happy.

My darling fella gave me white go go boots for my birthday, which I knew about prior but that's ok, so I made a dress to go with them. I've seen numerous times a lovely black and white colorblock design dress, which for me screamed 60's go go girl. Needless to say I was inspired by it and made my own.

The day was quite relaxed, I happily was home for the day. Gramma made a ham dinner for us, which was actually great since I don't think I could have made anything myself that day. No one really communicated on the dessert part of the day and I ended up with a big store bought cake from Dad, a pumpkin pie and dainties from Gramma, and a homemade cake from my boyfriend's Mom. She added little marshmallow daisies (since daisies are my favorite) and dark blue icing that was supposed to be purple to match my hair, but didn't quite work out. It was lovely.
My Dad worked that night, so it was just the fella, Dustin, and I. We snuggled on the couch and watched movies. It was perfect, in my opinion, and made the day perfect :)

I will be trying to keep up better with this blog as well as my flickr account. So here's hoping I stick with it.

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