Friday, April 30, 2010

Quest for Cute +Around the world project

Well, I've decided that whenever we (finally) sell the house, I'm taking a trip. If we can be moved before September I'd like to go to Niagara falls for a few days. A good starter trip, and the prices I've been seeing have been quite reasonable. After the plane and hotel costs I'd have lots of room to go and see all the fun stuff.

That being said, I was thinking about what I'd pack and whatnot...a bit premature, I know, but I like to plan way in advance. First off I know I'd need to buy a groovy carry on bag, which is easy, I could easily take the old one I have from my Gramma, even though it is quite petite. I'm sure in my upcoming (hopefully) garage sale travels I'll come across a kids wheeled carry on bag for cheap, that seems like my most fun (and cheapest) option. On the Brandon classifieds there is actually one for sale for $8, Winnie the Pooh. To buy or not to buy =P I just don't want to have to ask my sister to pick it up. If I have to I'll go into a luggage/bag shop and see what prices are like. After all, I only need one little bag.

Bags aside, thinking back on what I'd put in that bag...I wondered about footwear. Which would I bring? My lime green Rocket Dogs are my automatic, I'd be wearing them when I got on the plain, but what alternative shoes could I bring in my bag that are light, practical, but still fashionably awesome? I have two pairs of flats, but I find flats a bit hard to walk in...the back always flips up on me and bothers me, perhaps that's just me though...The mary-janes I have now, are more indoor slipper type shoes, and definitely not water/rain appropriate, so those are out. So my quest begins for a simple, but still cute, pair of cheap mary-janes. Plain simple black in a faux-leather or something that won't let water soak through like my current 'janes. Searching online I discovered that I can actually find heels cheaper than a pair of decent flat mary-janes. Make sense? Didn't think so. I never get a chance to go shoe shopping in stores so I'm not sure where I'll get them...

My mary-jane preference (other than being water resistant) are obviously price, since I don't want to spend a vast amount on a pair of plane shoes, and a rounded toe. Absolutely must have a nice rounded toe.
  • Rounded to
  • Inexpensive, preferably under $30 Cdn.
  • Water resistant, no canvas or such fabrics.
  • Flats, no heels...a slight platform would be fine by me.

For how much shopping I actually do, I know nothing about actual stores or places to go nearby. I do all my shopping online and this is probably the first time I haven't really been able to find something I'm looking for in the price range I'd like. I've seen a few pairs that seem OK, but nothing I'd get excited about.

Sooo, should you know of a shop online that has mary-janes, whose shipping to Canada is reasonable, and accepts paypal, give me a shout.

So it begins..


Oh yes, and for those of you out there who had signed up for my Around The World book project, I think I can officially say that it's dead. Why? Well, because GreenhandGraphics made excuse after excuse about why he couldn't send it out. No replies, no updates...So after all of that, it never even got past the second place on the list. To those of you who were looking forward to the project, I'm very sorry, but he ruined it for us all. Feel free to send your complaits over to him...yea, I went there. People like that need to know there is consequences to being a dick face.

Sorry again, I hope everyone is enjoying their spring.


  1. Oh, that makes me a sad panda. What a jerkface. I think I was like 2nd or 3rd to last on the list.

  2. Yup, one person had to ruin it for all the rest that were truly serious about the project. Definately disappointed.