Friday, April 9, 2010


So while the cats away, the mice will play...or so they say. I guess for me it's true. We're selling our house, and I can't tell you how dated and 80s it looks to me...We've had it up for sale for about a year now, we show it a lot, but no offers as of yet. It's a small town so selling here is pretty slow anyways, but we want to move. I've been telling my Dad all sorts of ways we can improve it but naturally he just won't listen. So approximately 3 minutes after he left for work tonight, I started ripping up the carpet in my sewing room/the second bedroom. It was a horrid dirty, worn, past it's prime pink carpet (the photo below actually makes it look better than it was :S) and underneath was painted hardwood.

Will he blow a fit when he gets home (about 20 minutes)...I don't know. Slightly worried, and yet...I feel like I've done the right thing. People looking around can see there is hardwood under this horrid dated carpet on our second floor, or a cleared away floor ready for new carpet. Either way, I'd say I did the right thing.

I'd really like opinions here.
It's a 1948 house, this is the original flooring. It's been painted over twice obviously, and underneath that you can see it was once finished to match the hardwood that is on the main floor. I think it has a lovely country cottage feel, but perhaps that's just me? We shall see...

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