Saturday, April 10, 2010


Well, my Dad didn't blow a shit fit at my over the floor, but he wasn't happy about it either. Deep down I think he'll warm to it. It gives the room a great old style feel that I think suits this house perfectly. It's a little piece of house history. So, here's a few before and afters for ya :)

I'm happy with it :) There's an old old old rug in the middle of the room now, just adding to it's cute cottage shabby chicness ^.^ I can't get enough..


  1. it truly does look better without that carpet .-.! before it looked very filled-up and cranked, but with the tree-floor it gives more space and more simple look without too many confusing colors. Hope your dad will warm up ^^; nice pic where you sit and tear it up btw

  2. Well thank you :) I'm glad someone else sees the upside to taking out that horridly busy pink carpet. No one here seems to understand it at all...apparently I'm the only one who isn't living in 1993 -_-

    Thanks =P My work space is usually a bit more cluttered than this though haha