Thursday, November 5, 2009


Well, Grandma had this tree in her shed for ages. We had thought it was the one that my Dad decorated way way back in the day when he was a wee little one (the 60's) but in fact it was a fair bit newer =\ Still a lovely old bottle brush tree, about 30 years old.

I pulled it out of the box to take photos, put some decorations on it =P but didn't bother to adjust the branches for the photos, that's why it looks like there is a bit of a bare spot on it.

I tried to look these trees up on ebay but unfortunately didn't find any like it. I'll keep searching, but for the moment all I found is a white one like it, bid up to 54$ US. It's crazy to think people just throw these away all the time U.U Even crazier to think that we left 2 or 3 of these types of trees at the old hotel when we sold it. It pains me to say that they are most likely in the dump now U.U

With Halloween over and the decorations all gone it makes me sad =P I'm a saaaadddddd pannnndddaaaa XP Now I just want it to be December and put up all the xmas decor, decorate my trees, and watch all the old cartoons and claymation shows I love so much. I love the holidays....I love that festive feeling. It's...calming I guess you could describe it. It's a bit sad to think that this will likely be the last Xmas in this house....then everything changes. Bleh, stop thinking about it. The holidays are right around the corner and I need to get my butt moving and make all kinds of goodies to sell online. This is peak selling season, and I need to make the most of it this year. More selling = more presents I can buy........and wrap =D Oh how I want to wrap presents already...Wrapping presents is by far my most favorite thing about the holidays.

Ok, enough for now. That's the tree I found, I'm a crazy wrapping nut, and I must go sew.

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