Sunday, August 9, 2009

Where's Summer?

August already...when did summer start? o.O It seems like we've barely had a summer here in little ol' Manitoba, and already it's almost over. All I can say is that it better be a bloody nice long fall +Shakes fist+

On that note, since it is fall I'm, naturally, excited for Halloween. Yes, I get super excited for Halloween in August =P and the excitement grows until that night ^.^ I love it so much! So I'm just trying to think what I'd like to be this year...I'm actually considering doing another Skeleton costume. I know I did it last year but for some reason it just felt so right. I think I may make a new one, and this time instead of painting on the bones, perhaps get a white fabric and actually stitch on fabric bones. I'm not sure though. I'm also considering a clown. Silly and colorful and I can do some zaney makeup. Ahhh I don't know, I just don't know. I'd thought of maybe doing the Mad Hatter, but the more I think what I could do with that costume, the more I think that it's just something I'd wear everyday anyways o.O It's silly, but my biggest challenge with a Halloween costume is actually finding something that I wouldn't wear every day =P

Ahh well.

So hopefully I the next month I'll have some costumes made up and put on ebay, or etsy if I can convince my Dad to let me use his credit card to verify myself. We'll see I guess. I'd also like to make some masks this year. I'm not exactly sure what kind yet, but I thought it would be an interesting change. Maybe some fabric Franken-style ones.......I've been considering it quite a bit lately, I'm just not sure if it would be worth my while :\ Any opinions on it?

Yes, strange weather this year...Some of the berries on the trees that shouldn't be ripe until September are already ripe. I know because when I would go back to school and walk by the post office they would have bright orangey red berries on them...that is of course before that cut that tree (which wasn't hurting anything) down. Just because some twatty little kids liked to take the berries and smoosh them all over the sidewalk. Honestly...
Yes, point is, things have been odd like that this year.

I was going to plant pumpkins this year and forgot =\ Stupid stupid stupid...I really wanted a big pumpkin patch this year, since it's likely our last with this big yard..and what do I do? I forget =\ I have a poor memory -_- Perhaps when we get out new place I will remember. It would be nice to have masses of pumpkins to carve and line up along the driveway or just around the front door ^.^

Aww, year....


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