Thursday, May 28, 2009

Yesterday's Treasures

My sister, Vicky, was home yesterday...I guess when she stopped by my Gramma's house my Gramma pawned a bunch of old stuff onto her. Naturally she basically hates anything that isn't new or 'up to date' so of course she didn't really like anything. While Vicky was showing me the stuff Gramma gave her I saw the bags of clothes Gramma sent with her to take to the Salvation Army.....and man there were a few treasures in there! I pulled out about 15 pieces, which all smelled of moth balls XP Many of them need minor repairs but for me that's easy work. After washing I left them out on the line for the night to air out a bit and now they smell fresh and dandy ^.^

I figure these are a good start to a vintage collection and eventually (hopefully) a vintage etsy shop. I've been wanting to start collecting things like this to sell but it seems garage sales now just don't seem to have such goodies, and I don't often get to a thrift store. I'm hoping to gather about 50 articles of clothing before I start selling. I'd like to have enough peices to tie me over for a while, that way if there i
s a bit of slump in findings, I still have things stored away.

Also included in the Salv. Army bag was 2 pairs of shoes. One pair was looking pretty darn rough so I just left them....still wondering if perhaps I should have kept them but oh well...but the other pair was decent, still lots of wear, but also lots of wear left in them. Brown with little buckles, a nice shape, very 60s/70s. It's too bad Gramma has much smaller feet than I do, it sounds like she has quite the collection stored away.

Oh and that's not even the best part, I almost forget to mention first that the other day Gramma mentioned that after out garage sale (next weekend) I could come over and go through the closet where she keeps all her old goodies and pi
ck out peices I like ^.^ That made me excited enough, but now with the peices I just got, I'll have a gold mine of vintage treasures. Seriously, Gramma's always have the best stuff.

Anyways, I should be off to sew some new projects, catch up.
See you later alligators...

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