Thursday, December 3, 2009

Sunday, November 29, 2009


So I recently bought six old hats on a local classified site. I took photos and listed three of them for sale on my eBay today. I have each set at a great Buy It Now of $12.34 Cdn. I intend to list any new items on my ebay as Buy It Now since people seem to want something they can buy outright right now rather than waiting for the auction to close. Xmas is coming up and a Buy It Now just seems to be easier.

So without further adeau...
The hats!

The first is a white banded hat with netting over top. It has a Union Label tag on the inside.

Second is a floral hat/head piece. Lovely little piece with flowers and leaves all over, and some blue netting.

The third is white with braiding through it.
All in amazingly beautiful shape ^.^

I still have three more, I'm keeping one, and the rest I will likely be listing soon..perhaps within the next few days.

I feel like I've been quite unproductive as far as my sewing creations are concerned. I just can't seem to focus, or come up with anything inspiring...seems about time I got some new fabric, new inspiration again. Seems that's usually the solution to my sewing dilemma, new fabric. I'll try to see what I can come up with a little later tonight, even if it is just another scarf or two.

Thursday, November 5, 2009


Well, Grandma had this tree in her shed for ages. We had thought it was the one that my Dad decorated way way back in the day when he was a wee little one (the 60's) but in fact it was a fair bit newer =\ Still a lovely old bottle brush tree, about 30 years old.

I pulled it out of the box to take photos, put some decorations on it =P but didn't bother to adjust the branches for the photos, that's why it looks like there is a bit of a bare spot on it.

I tried to look these trees up on ebay but unfortunately didn't find any like it. I'll keep searching, but for the moment all I found is a white one like it, bid up to 54$ US. It's crazy to think people just throw these away all the time U.U Even crazier to think that we left 2 or 3 of these types of trees at the old hotel when we sold it. It pains me to say that they are most likely in the dump now U.U

With Halloween over and the decorations all gone it makes me sad =P I'm a saaaadddddd pannnndddaaaa XP Now I just want it to be December and put up all the xmas decor, decorate my trees, and watch all the old cartoons and claymation shows I love so much. I love the holidays....I love that festive feeling. It's...calming I guess you could describe it. It's a bit sad to think that this will likely be the last Xmas in this house....then everything changes. Bleh, stop thinking about it. The holidays are right around the corner and I need to get my butt moving and make all kinds of goodies to sell online. This is peak selling season, and I need to make the most of it this year. More selling = more presents I can buy........and wrap =D Oh how I want to wrap presents already...Wrapping presents is by far my most favorite thing about the holidays.

Ok, enough for now. That's the tree I found, I'm a crazy wrapping nut, and I must go sew.

Monday, November 2, 2009


So I've entered (and will be entering another photo soon) to the Fuji Instax fall photo contest on facebook. Soooo if you have facebook, please please please please go HERE and "like" my photo. Winners will be chosen depending on how many "likes" the photos get!

Saturday, October 31, 2009

Happy Halloweenie

Happy Halloweenie!

Hope everyone had a great one ^.^

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

The October Curse

Hope everyone is having a good October!

Friday, October 2, 2009

Costumes Are Lovely

Halloween is nearing...
I'm excited ^.^
Still not sure what to be...
But I'm having fun making costume-ish items to sell =D

Thursday, September 24, 2009


Gosh fall leaves are pretty...
The virginia creeper we have around our 'bonfire pit' is all an amazing red right now. When the sun shines through it it looks absolutely stunning. I was out taking pictures with a few of my cameras trying to capture it's amazing red beauty...

The weather this year has been pretty crazy. We basically had no summer to speak of and now the last two weeks have been amazing summer weather, now that it's fall. I'm certainly not complaining...I love a nice fall, and would be happy to have even just a nice Halloween. Halloween is the one day of the year that I hope is nice out. I long for the day when Halloween used to be warm enough to go out in just a sweater. Over the years it's gotten colder and colder every year, even one year with a blizzard. Honestly...what the hell? Last year we finally had a nice Halloween, about 60F during the day, maybe slightly cooler, but still sunny and decent out. The night only got down to about 45F. For here in little ol' Manitoba, that's pretty good. I just hope this year will be the same, if not better.

There is a Fuji Instax fall photo contest coming up and I'm quite excited about it. The prize is actually a case of film O.O Now that is something to work hard for! With the film is also the Instax camera of your choice, but that's not quite as super excited as the film, seeing as though I have the camera already =P but the film...oh the film...think of the possibilities with a case of film. I cream my unders at the though of it +giggles+

I'm kicking myself right now more than ever. I had wanted to plant pumpkins this year so that at Halloween we could possibly line them up along the driveway or something. Well, with my awesome memory and all, I forgot to plant them earlier this year, and by the time I remembered it was too late to do it. Now it's that time of year when they would be starting to look crazy fun and with the contest now...I'm wishing more than ever that I had. Imagine the photos I could have taken U.U Gah...Next year for sure I must plant them +Shakes fist at self+ Next year I will plant and have an amazing crop of pumpkins to photograph and eventually carve out for All Hallows Eve.

Still have yet to really decide what costume I want to wear this year, some possibilities but it's such a tough choice! It's feeling hard to top last years skeleton costume for a very classic Halloween costume. Ahhh well...I'll pull something together eventually.

Oh well..
I'll leave it at that for now.
Happy fall days everyone!

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Where's Summer?

August already...when did summer start? o.O It seems like we've barely had a summer here in little ol' Manitoba, and already it's almost over. All I can say is that it better be a bloody nice long fall +Shakes fist+

On that note, since it is fall I'm, naturally, excited for Halloween. Yes, I get super excited for Halloween in August =P and the excitement grows until that night ^.^ I love it so much! So I'm just trying to think what I'd like to be this year...I'm actually considering doing another Skeleton costume. I know I did it last year but for some reason it just felt so right. I think I may make a new one, and this time instead of painting on the bones, perhaps get a white fabric and actually stitch on fabric bones. I'm not sure though. I'm also considering a clown. Silly and colorful and I can do some zaney makeup. Ahhh I don't know, I just don't know. I'd thought of maybe doing the Mad Hatter, but the more I think what I could do with that costume, the more I think that it's just something I'd wear everyday anyways o.O It's silly, but my biggest challenge with a Halloween costume is actually finding something that I wouldn't wear every day =P

Ahh well.

So hopefully I the next month I'll have some costumes made up and put on ebay, or etsy if I can convince my Dad to let me use his credit card to verify myself. We'll see I guess. I'd also like to make some masks this year. I'm not exactly sure what kind yet, but I thought it would be an interesting change. Maybe some fabric Franken-style ones.......I've been considering it quite a bit lately, I'm just not sure if it would be worth my while :\ Any opinions on it?

Yes, strange weather this year...Some of the berries on the trees that shouldn't be ripe until September are already ripe. I know because when I would go back to school and walk by the post office they would have bright orangey red berries on them...that is of course before that cut that tree (which wasn't hurting anything) down. Just because some twatty little kids liked to take the berries and smoosh them all over the sidewalk. Honestly...
Yes, point is, things have been odd like that this year.

I was going to plant pumpkins this year and forgot =\ Stupid stupid stupid...I really wanted a big pumpkin patch this year, since it's likely our last with this big yard..and what do I do? I forget =\ I have a poor memory -_- Perhaps when we get out new place I will remember. It would be nice to have masses of pumpkins to carve and line up along the driveway or just around the front door ^.^

Aww, year....


Monday, August 3, 2009

Around The World - Australia

The book is in Australia, it made it safe and sound ^.^

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Around The World - Sending Away

I can't believe I shipped it off O.O
It's on it's way to Australia now and man oh man do I hope it gets back to me some day...I wrapped it in fun plaid paper =P What's more fun than getting mail? Getting mail wrapped in plaid wrapping paper XP

So yes, as soon as you (all of you participants) recieve the package please remember to send me a message and let me know, and send another when you ship it off. I'd like to keep track of it so we can sort of ballpark when it will get to the next location and so on. I don't want this one getting lost.

Alrighty, hopefully soon you all shall have your shot at this little beast, and when it gets back I can post photos of all the work ^.^

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Around The World - Here We Go!

Well all the addresses have finally been confirmed and the book is ready to be shipped out. I took a few final photos of myself with it and packaged it up in some cute green plaid paper ^.^

I decided on an order that I think is fairly logical. It is going to:
New Zealand
Puerto Rico

England again

North Wales


and lastly Finland

Yup, there we go. It's all ready, set, go from here.
Now I can't stress enough, please please please please please follow through! I know masses of these little project/swap things don't work out because one person decides to be an asshole and ruin it for the rest of us >_<>

When you receive the book send me a message. When you send the book, send me a message. Try not to keep the book more than a few days, we don't want to wait a year for this you know =P So yes, I will be shipping it tomorrow, so Miss Australia, you can expect it soon ^.^

Hope everyone is well.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Around The World...or at least part of it!

Well I just have to start by thanking everyone for their interest in my "Around The World In 15 Days" project, you guys rock ^.^ All the spots have been filled up, and quite a bit quicked than I expected. I'm still trying to decide how I want to order it...I'm just not sure where I want to send it first, and what order to put it into. Should I start by sending it to the US, or should I go with Australia right off the bat? Oh well, I'll figure it out.

Participants for this project include people from:
Manitoba, Canada (Go me XD)
United States (WA, FL, CA, PA)

Puerto Rico
England (2)




North Wales

New Zealand


pretty good list, if I may say so myself ^.^

I have
sent out confirmation messages to everyone participating, so if you haven't already done so, please confirm that the address ni the message is indeed the correct one to ship to. Once this book goes out it will be extremely difficult to try and change it! Also, if for any reason you feel you may decide you no longer wish to participate, please drop out now! I will be keeping on top of things, where the book is, when it is shipped out, ect ect. Just a little warning, if you flake out and don't send the book on....I WILL MAKE IT KNOWN >_<>A few little things to add about the notebook; this is a regular thin little school notebook, not a fancy art book. So please, if you are using marker or paint or something that may bleed through your page, put a piece of paper or something between your page and the next page. I cannot stress enough that you ONLY get ONE PAGE so if you decide you don't like what you have put int he book...tough XP Either collage over it or paste a new page over top.

Remember, you can make your page whatever you like. This does not have to be an art piece, it can be a page that you just talk about you, your life, your dog, your Gramma, what you did today, a hat you bought, something pretty you seen, a random story of when you broke your toe, I don't care =P I love randomness and...well actually I think a random story about breaking your toe or something would be rather interesting haha...that's beside the point though. Make it your own, have fun with it, and remember that this does have to be shipped out, so try not to fill it with wire, metal bits, or chunks of cardboard as this may make it more difficult or expensive to ship.

The book really is just at thin notebook so it will be able to go lettermail, which is not expensive. Should be no more than a few dollars. I'd prefer you kept it no more than a week, it's only one page not a 20 foot canvas =P and other people want their shot at it.

Alright, that's about all for now.
Remember to contact me if you have any questions at all :)

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Around the world in 15 pages!

I decided I want to start up a fun little project of sending a 15 page tiny notebook out in hopes that it goes to as many different places as possible. It's a thin and light notebook so it will be inexpensive to ship, which I hope will encourage people to participate. How it will work is I will need to round up 14 participants from (hopefully) all different parts of the world. I will designate 1 page of the book per person to write and decorate as they please. Once they have received the book, personalized their page they will then send it on to the next person. How do they know who the next person will be? Each page will have the address of the person to follow. When the last page is filled the final person will then send it back to me. There will be a few rules of course...
  • You will not be allowed to alter or use up any other persons page.
  • You MUST mail it to the address listed on the next page, no skipping ahead. If you do not wish to send it on to them for any reason it MUST be sent directly back to me, and I shall forward it to that person.
  • Be respectful of myself and the other participants.
  • No nudity, offensive or illegal material.
  • You must glue/stick the stamp/postal tag from the previous person's envelope onto your page.
  • The book must be sent out in a timely manner. I know you can get busy with life and whatnot, but it only takes a little time to personalize one page. If you don't think you have the time, don't enter.
Other than that I think it's pretty much do as you please. Photos, postcards, stamps, cut outs and such are encouraged just please make sure they don't increase the thickness of the book too much. Soooo no pasting in big peices of cardboard and such =P Pretty obvious though. Each person should do as much to their page to make it their own, to tell some sort of story of them. You can do that through photos, writing, whatever you would like. Write about what you love, what interests you, tell a story, tell a joke, write a poem, show your life in photos, the choice is yours! Just be creative! I think that's about it. Otherwise the only other requirement is that if you participate you follow through. Flakes are not tolerated >_<> Let me know if your interested in joining ^.^ If it all works out, perhaps I will make it an annual thing..or maybe more often than that, depending on how long this takes.

On another note...I'm looking for someone in Japan who would like to trade magazines with me...There's numerous Japanese fashion magazines that are of interest to me but they are crazy expensive to get here. Sooo I'm hoping to find a sort of pen pal from Japan who would be willing to trade with me, or even just send them out to me and I will pay the costs. I just don't feel 25$ to get one of them on ebay is worth it -_- Yes, 25$, mostly because people are charging rediculous shipping rates and are trying to make a lot of money off of them. I'm interested in magazines like Kera, Fruits, Gothic & Lolita Bible...that sort.

Well that's all for now. If your interested or know anyone who might be, please let me know by August 4th. For the book/swap thing that is =P
Let me know, kids!

Saturday, May 30, 2009

Pretty Paisley

Well, I was surprised yesterday when I took some photos of one of the vintage pieces from my Gramma, surprised mostly because the photo turned out ok. I tried a new style photo, nothing fancy but stood by the window in the living room. The outfit looked okay and I didn't look too horrible hehe
It looks much cuter than predicted. I love the colors and the pretty paisley print to it, it's subtle but still very 60's. I'm hoping to get photos of the rest in the next few days.

In other news, we have some people coming around to look at the house tomorrow so we've been trying to fix up things to get ready, try to make the best impression. We have yet to find a house we want to buy, a number of them for sale but nothing that catches our eye. Dad and I have massive difference of opinion when it comes to houses and chances are if I like it, he hates it, and vice-versa. Ahh whatever.

That's all for now.

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Yesterday's Treasures

My sister, Vicky, was home yesterday...I guess when she stopped by my Gramma's house my Gramma pawned a bunch of old stuff onto her. Naturally she basically hates anything that isn't new or 'up to date' so of course she didn't really like anything. While Vicky was showing me the stuff Gramma gave her I saw the bags of clothes Gramma sent with her to take to the Salvation Army.....and man there were a few treasures in there! I pulled out about 15 pieces, which all smelled of moth balls XP Many of them need minor repairs but for me that's easy work. After washing I left them out on the line for the night to air out a bit and now they smell fresh and dandy ^.^

I figure these are a good start to a vintage collection and eventually (hopefully) a vintage etsy shop. I've been wanting to start collecting things like this to sell but it seems garage sales now just don't seem to have such goodies, and I don't often get to a thrift store. I'm hoping to gather about 50 articles of clothing before I start selling. I'd like to have enough peices to tie me over for a while, that way if there i
s a bit of slump in findings, I still have things stored away.

Also included in the Salv. Army bag was 2 pairs of shoes. One pair was looking pretty darn rough so I just left them....still wondering if perhaps I should have kept them but oh well...but the other pair was decent, still lots of wear, but also lots of wear left in them. Brown with little buckles, a nice shape, very 60s/70s. It's too bad Gramma has much smaller feet than I do, it sounds like she has quite the collection stored away.

Oh and that's not even the best part, I almost forget to mention first that the other day Gramma mentioned that after out garage sale (next weekend) I could come over and go through the closet where she keeps all her old goodies and pi
ck out peices I like ^.^ That made me excited enough, but now with the peices I just got, I'll have a gold mine of vintage treasures. Seriously, Gramma's always have the best stuff.

Anyways, I should be off to sew some new projects, catch up.
See you later alligators...

Friday, May 22, 2009

Roll Up

Well, my first post on this site. Why I joined I'm still not too sure. I don't actually know anyone on this site...or perhaps that's why I did join. Nonetheless here I am. I have not a lot to say for the moment...

I've been going through a box of my Grandfathers old photos and some papers, I always find it interesting even though I've been through it all at least a dozen times. It seems every time I look through it something new suprises me. I love it all...

Our family is basically re-locating to a town an hour and a half away so we're (Dad, Gramma, & I) have been going through masses of our clutter and knick knacks to see what to sell on our upcoming garage sale and what we would like to keep, so everyday lately she's been bringing by little old things she finds and thinks I may like. Naturally I love them all but I may very well be selling a few on ebay some time soon.

I love the bags she drops by...the first one I got from here (see left) is probably my favorite. It's in amazing condition, lovely beaded beauty with this sunny yellow lining. Now I just need to find an outfit to measure up to it's classyness. The other bag she just dropped off the other day was this little super pale pink pouch, again with beads. She said it's at least as old as her, probably older. So the bag itself is at least wouldn't beleive it from it's condition though. It's been lovingly stored away for some time.

I've been dying to go to more garage sales, with the poor weather there hasn't been too many yet. Hopefully it will start to warm up soon and things will pick up. I've been keeping my eyes open for old clothing but it seems like most are scooped up already. Perhaps one of these days when Gramma drops by she'll have a big bag full of treasured clothes. Ooooh yea, I almost forgot about the coat she gave me, from the 40's or 50's she used to wear it to formal dances. It's lamb wool or something, with a mink collar, very classy. The coat would go well with the brown beaded purse.

Well alas I shall stop for now. Not a bad length for a first post.
If anyone is actually reading this, hope all is well.